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Adam Lindsay Gordon  Flamboyant poet, one-time politician and avid horseman left his mark from Mount Gambier to Melbourne’s bayside Brighton  

Back to the boudoir!  Fresh-faced Australian designer Collette Dinnigan has staked out centre stage in Paris with her sensuous creations in lace, fine wool and chiffon; hand-crafted lingerie and gowns which please the wearer as much as the viewer.  

Australia’s up-and-coming jewellery designers draw inspiration from the distinctive resources of their ancient continent - pink diamonds, South Sea pearls - and from a multi-cultural society, rejoicing in its diversity. Singer Elton John collects the award-winning once-off spectacle frames created in the front room of an Adelaide cottage by Peter Coombs, designer, jeweller and metalsmith.  

Charismatic and eloquent roots musician Hanitra ( ‘Anch’) Rosoanaivo heads Madagascar’s politically-charged Tarika ensemble,  a hit on the world music scene.  Tarika blend the ballads and instruments of their Malagasy roots with modern idiom. Forget Kerouac! Peter Pinney was the original drop-out. This handsome and ingenuous Australian roamed the world for years, often breaking hearts as he went. Pinney’s travels spanned an era when paranoia was pervasive; colonial empires were splitting at the seams. Desperation lent an edge to his most audacious exploits: setting out on foot across the Sahara; rigging dice games in street markets.

Fowling the Nest Self-taught conservationist 'Whimpey' Reichelt has devoted his life to the endangered Malleefowl, a large bird which constructs and tends large mounds for the incubation of its eggs. Bird-lovers can meet Reichelt at his homely lodge and camp in the semi-desert Mallee country of western Victoria.

Know One, Teach One: One morning, a group of Hanoi street kids confronted Vietnamese-Australian Jimmy Pham with the realisation that what they needed was work.  KOTO - Know One, Teach One - took shape as Pham realised how he could make a difference.

Living the Russian Dream A cottage in the countryside, be it weekend retreat or retirement home, is a fairly universal aspiration, but nowhere more so than in Russia, where even the Soviet regime recognised the importance of this social safety valve. Meet retired banker Mikhail Kareline, busily building his very own dacha outside Moscow...

Red Guard meets Red Centre...   Zhou Xiaoping trained as a landscape painter in the traditional Chinese school: rice paper, black ink, calculated brush strokes.  Meanwhile, Jimmy Pike, born in Australia's Great Sandy Desert, was developing into an acclaimed practitioner at the convergence of indigenous and modern art.  The lives of two contemporary artists born into two very different cultures began to converge...  

Turtle Island: A man and his dream Fiji’s exclusive Turtle Island hideaway in the Yasawa Group came into being through one man’s journey of self-discovery. At any one time, just 16 couples live and play on Richard Evanson’s private retreat.  

What happens to an immigrant who falls foul of Western values? Abdellah Fahmi, an engaging 30 year old Moroccan, was incarcerated for nearly a year before being deported from Australia after the collapse of his marriage to an Australian woman. Fahmi struggles to accept the enforced separation from his infant daughter – and the evaporation of his dream of making a new life in the West, a casualty of cultural collision.

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